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"Every time you give, you help a human being . . . . When that person is stronger their family is stronger, when their family is stronger their street is stronger, when the street is stronger the community is stronger, when the community is stronger our country is stronger.”

Mary McAleese, 13th Sept. 2002

Mission Statement:

To promote and support voluntary activity in the community. We will do this by encouraging individuals to participate and play a meaningful role in society and by supporting organisations to deliver their programmes effectively and efficiently.


If you're an Organisation looking for Volunteers

Kildare Volunteer Centre will help you:

  • If you need volunteers we will try and source them for you.
  • We can visit you and help with any issues about taking on volunteers for the first time, or to review current procedures.
  • We will come and talk to you about anything to do with volunteering, such as references, good practice, expenses - and much more

If you're an Individual wishing to Volunteer

Kildare Volunteer Centre can help you:

  • Find out about volunteering opportunities without having to make a committment
  • Get information on hundreds of different volunteering opportunities
  • Talk to someone on the how, why and where of volunteering
  • Get ongoing support and advice if you want it.

We don't charge and we keep things confidential

If you would like to hear about some specific volunteering opportunities or if you would just like to hear more about the work of the Bureau, please don't hesitate to contact us.

You can e-mail us at info@volunteerkildare.ie or contact us by phone at 045 449156

Kildare Volunteer Centre is part of the
National Network of Volunteer Centres.

Dept. of Housing, Planning, Community & Local Government